2019-2020 Work, Learn and Grow (WLG) Application
You can apply online or print out an application to fill out by hand.

Work, Learn & Grow is open to 2019 SYEP participants aged 16-21 who are currently in school. “In school” can mean Middle School, High School, College or other post-secondary education.

If you complete an online application, you will be asked to select the WLG Provider you want to work for.

If you print out an application, you will complete the application by hand and bring it to the WLG Provider you want to work for.

We provide you with online information to help you select the WLG Provider.

PLEASE NOTE: that you may only submit one application for WLG. Selection into WLG is based on a lottery. Submission of an application does not guarantee that you will be offered a job.

The deadline to submit applications was 9/13/2019. No further applications may be submitted.
The online application will be available on March 3rd, 2016.
If you have further questions about WLG, contact NYC Youth Connect at (800) 246-4646.